Links to UN Documents

The United Nations produces a large number of information materials about its work. Here is a selection of most frequently requested links. It presents a comprehensive list of possible sources of information about the United Nations and its work.

Treaty Collection

The Treaty Section is charged with the responsibility to carry out the registration of treaties and subsequent treaty actions and publish them in a timely fashion.

All Treaty Section’s publications are available online for consultation under the identified relevant categories. 4 major recurrent products – UNTS (UN Treaty Series), MTDSG (Multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, UNTS Cumulative Index and monthly Statements of Treaties and International Agreements and 4 related publications – Summary of practice of the Secretary-General as depository of multilateral treaties, Treaty Handbook, Handbook of Final Clauses and issues of Treaty Event Focus books.

UN Archives

The United Nations Archives and Records Management Section (ARMS) acquires, preserves, and makes available material created or received during UN business. ARMS collects original unpublished materials.

Archives serve as institutional memory. They provide evidence of the past and promote accountability and transparency of past actions. Archival record can be in any format including paper documents, photographs, maps, films, sound recordings, electronic records, documentary art, or architectural drawings.

UN Audiovisual

The Audiovisual Library provides access and preserves the audiovisual archives from over 70 years of the history of the Organization.

The AV Library makes the audio, film and video collections widely accessible to UN Offices, UN Family Organizations, professional media organizations, broadcasters, independent producers, governments, institutions and non-governmental organizations, researchers and civil society at large.

The AV collection has over 100,000 physical items with approximately 6,330 hours of 16 and 35mm films, 49,400 hours of video recordings, and 18,000 hours of audio recordings in a wide variety of systems and formats.

UN Documents

The Official Document System (ODS) covers all types of official United Nations documentation, beginning in 1993. Archived materials are added to the system on a daily basis. You may access resolutions to the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards.

UN Library (Dag Hammarskjöld)

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library is the United Nations Library, named after the 2nd Secretary General of the United Nations who served from 1953 up to 1961.

The library provides access to United Nations documents and publications. It also maintains a selected collection of materials of the specialized agencies and United Nations affiliated bodies and other materials related to the Organization’s program.

According to the UN Documentation Research Guide:

A UN document is a text submitted to a principal organ or a subsidiary organ of the United Nations for consideration by it, usually in connection with item(s) on its agenda.”

“A United Nations publication’ refers to any written material which is issued by the United Nations to the general public.”

UN Photos

The United Nations Photo Library holds a collection of approximately 800,000 photographs dating back to the mid-1940s chronicling the history of the Organization and its work. The collection includes coverage of historic UN meetings and events, as well as a wide array of field coverage from its earliest days.

The UN Photo website contains a selection of images from the UN photo collection. It can be searched by keywords or browsed by categories and special subject galleries.

UN Publications

The United Nations Publications brings together all United Nations publications in one place. It is a source of over 5,300 titles produced by the Organization and its key agencies. This website offers on-line access to the complete catalogue of for sale publications in a range of formats including print, electronic and multimedia.