Information Resources

The Unites Nations produces a large number of information materials about its work.

These information resources give basic facts and knowledge about the various advocacies of the United Nations, including but not limited to international peace and security, economic growth and sustainable development, human rights, humanitarian assistance, weapons disarmament, justice and international law, drug control and crime prevention and development of Africa.

These information and data are most requested by students, teachers, government institutions, journalists and researchers. These are often considered to be general reference sources, or information resources that provide basic information and knowledge for one’s research.

UNIC Manila Library

Search the UNIC Manila Library Collection

Among the valued services provided by UNIC is the reference library where the public has access to a comprehensive collection of United Nations publications, reports, documents, newsletters, pamphlets, books, and audio/video tapes.

The library responds to information needs from educational institutions, governmental institutions, NGOs, academic and other research centres, journalists, academicians, students and the public at large.

Links to UN Documents

It presents the most requested links of the possible sources of information about the United Nations and its work.

Recent UN Publications

The recent documents and information resources published by the United Nations and its agencies will be regularly updated here.