About Us

United Nations Information Centres (UNICs) are the local frontline agency for information dissemination and advocacy of the Department of Global Communications (DGC) of the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York. In particular, the work of the UNICs is guided by the Information Centres Service (ICS) Section of the Strategic Communications Division of DPI. DPI is headed by the UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information.

What We Do

UNICs are responsible for promoting greater public understanding of and support for the aims and activities of the UN by disseminating information on the UN’s work to people everywhere, especially in developing countries. The network of UNICs is key to the UN’s ability to reach the people which it serves around the world, and to share the UN’s story with them. ln the Philippines, UNIC Manila serves as the local focal point for public information about the UN. Among its wide range of activities, UNIC Manila organizes press conferences, seminars, public events, and exhibits to promote UN priority issues. As the local representative of DGC in the Philippines, UNIC Manila adapts the communications strategies and campaigns developed by the Strategic Communications Division at Headquarters to the local context. Media organizations, key opinion makers, educators, civil society are among UNIC Manila’s key target audiences. UNIC Manila also addresses negative and inaccurate reporting by the media on the work of the UN in the Philippines.

UNIC Manila provides UN Headquarters, UN funds, programmes and agencies, with feedback on national and regional media coverage of UN activities and developments. UNIC Manila also handles the logistical requirements and media liaison for the UN Secretary- General during official visits to the Philippines.

Who We Work With

UNIC Manila builds partnerships with governments, national and local media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions and national library services to promote public awareness and support for the UN. This includes the organization of model United Nations sessions, briefings for journalists and support for educational curriculum development.

UNIC Manila cultivates strong linkages with academic institutions for purposes of enhancing information dissemination efforts. This is done by putting up “UN CORNERS” in school libraries.

These UN CORNERS comprise basic materials about the UN. Copies of flagship publications of the various specialized agencies, and other print and audio-visual materials produced by the DGC.

UNIC likewise conduct regular and occasional briefings for schools on a wide range of development issues. In particular, UNIC Manila gives “The United Nations works for you “or” UN4U.” briefings for students at all levels for the whole of October, or UN Month.

UNIC Manila is a member of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT), composed of agencies of the United Nations system in the country. UNIC Manila also plays a lead role in coordinating joint public information and communication activities and in the functioning of the inter-agency United Nations Communications Group (UNCG), thus reinforcing the projection of a unified and coherent image of the UN to the public at the national and regional levels.