New UN Publications: September 2018

Antimicrobial Resistance Policy Review and Development Framework.
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a long-standing global health concern. This Policy Review and Development Framework is for government policy-makers and officials and other stakeholders in AMR and AMU (antimicrobial use) policy for food-animal production within a One Health approach. It offers a practical guide for countries to systematically identify, assess, and strengthen AMR and AMU policies. The Framework is designed to help countries review their national policies and provides examples from countries that facilitate effective national responses to AMR.

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Publisher: FAO
ISBN: 978-92-5-130947-6
pp. 58



Child marriage: A mapping of programmes and partners in twelve countries in East and Southern Africa.
Child marriage can have devastating consequences for individual girls and their future children. This report presents the results of a mapping of programmes and partnerships that seek to prevent and mitigate the effects of child marriage in East and Southern Africa. The mapping was guided by the results framework used in the UNFPA-UNICEF Global Programme to Accelerate Action to End Child Marriage. The framework focuses on five outcomes that are designed to create integrated and systematic programme interventions.

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Publisher: UNFPA



Between closed borders: Joint agency paper on refugees and migrants in Serbia 2017.
Serbia was mainly a country of transit on the route to European Union for the several hundreds of thousands fleeing war and persecution. Despite “closed” borders, the influx of refugees and migrants continued throughout 2016 and 2017. While humanitarian needs were mainly addressed and over 90% of refugee and migrant population was accommodated in 18 governmental facilities across Serbia, issues regarding legal status and access to rights and services became a more urgent problem for many that were living in Serbia for more than one year. This joint paper provides an overview of refugees and migrants stranded in Serbia after the closure of the Balkan route and depicts problems, circumstances and conditions that shaped HCIT (Humanitarian Center for Integration and Tolerance) and CRPC work with refugees and migrants during 2017.

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Publisher: UNHCR
ISBN: 978-86-900467-0-6



2017 Results Partnerships – Impact 2018.
This annual report, 2017 Results, Partnerships – Impact 2018, illustrates how the Organization, together with its partners, is contributing to the achievement of the 17 SDGs. It reflects key impacts obtained thanks to a collaboration with a wide range of partners including Member Nations, other resource partners, civil society, the private sector, academia, research centers and cooperatives.  It features human-centered stories from the field in 2017, framed by FAO’s five Strategic Objectives. The stories highlight real achievements and results in the pursuit of transforming lives and livelihoods.

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Publisher: FAO
pp. 177



Collected Papers on Gender and Cash Transfer Programmes in Humanitarian Contexts.
Rigorous studies from the development sector provide evidence that well-designed cash transfer programmes directed to women can positively impact women and girls across a range of protection and empowerment dimensions. This paper examines the emerging evidence of the effects of cash-based interventions on protection and empowerment outcomes in humanitarian settings. With a gender lens, it explores the opportunities and risks of CBIs on gender outcomes, highlighting outcome areas that have yet to be clearly proven in emergency and crisis settings. Finally, it examines how programme design features (e.g. targeting, complementary programming, the size and duration of the transfer, etc.) may be made more gender-responsive in different humanitarian contexts.

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Publisher: UN Women
pp. 42