New UN Publications: April – May 2018

Start Free Stay Free AIDS Free — 2017 progress report.
This progress report reflects achievements made during the first year of implementation (through December 2016), as countries have taken actions in line with new or existing national strategies. The most recent data on country progress in 2016 are based on country-reported data and country-developed models using Spectrum software that were reported to UNAIDS in 2017.

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Publisher: UNAIDS



Land resource planning for sustainable land management.
Current and emerging needs in land resource planning for food security, sustainable livelihoods, integrated landscape management and restoration.
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Publisher: FAO
ISBN: 978-92-5-109896-7


Report of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development (IATF) : Progress and Prospects 2018.”
There is an increasing interest in socially responsible investing, but that is no substitute for a broader transformation in the financial system. The report states that the current system rewards investors, financiers and project managers that prioritize short-term profits. Similarly, policy makers are excessively focused on short-term considerations. But there is a price to pay. Infrastructure projects are shelved in favour of short term priorities. Small businesses and women remain excluded from the financial system.

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Publisher: United Nations
ISBN: 978-92-1-101386-3
pp. 181



European Union Tourism Trends.
Joint EU-UNWTO Report Provides Better Understanding of Tourism in the European Union: The new report ‘European Union Tourism Trends’, prepared by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in cooperation with the European Commission, underscores tourism’s major social and economic benefits for 28 countries comprising the European Union (EU). EU destinations welcomed 538 million international overnight visitors in 2017, 40% of the world total.

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Publisher: UN WTO
ISBN: 978-92-844-1947-0
pp. 122



Soil Pollution: A Hidden Reality.
In This book aims to summarise the state of the art of soil pollution, and to identify the main pollutants and their sources affecting human health and the environment, paying special attention to those pollutants that are present in agricultural systems and that reach humans through the food chain. It concludes with some case studies of the best available techniques for assessing and remediating contaminated soils.
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Publisher: FAO
ISBN: 978-92-5-130505-8
pp. 143



Coverage at a Crossroads: New directions for vitamin A supplementation programmes.
This UNICEF report shines a spotlight on the VAS (Vitamin A supplementation) programmes crisis. has been a cornerstone of early childhood nutrition programmes for more than two decades. Yet today, many countries are losing delivery platforms that they have relied on to successfully deliver vitamin A in the past. This report, reviews the global data on VAS and calls attention to the rapidly shifting global context, highlighting gaps in coverage and the barriers to reaching each and every child.

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Publisher: UNICEF
ISBN: 978-92-806-4965-9
pp. 64



East African Community Regional Integration: Trade and Gender Implications.
This report aims to analyze the impact of EAC regional integration on women’s well-being, with a focus on women’s employment. Both descriptive and quantitative analyses are used to this end. Chapter 1 introduces the background on the country and gender profiles. Chapter 2 indicated both descriptive and quantitative analyses that were used to this end. And Chapter 3 of the report presents the main
findings and policy recommendations.

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Publisher: UNCTAD
pp. 81



World Employment and Social Outlook – Greening with jobs.
The ILO’s “World Employment and Social Outlook – Greening with jobs” report estimates job losses and job  creation as the world moves to a greener economy.24 million new jobs will be created globally by 2030 if the  right policies to limit global warming are put in place, the report says.
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Publisher: ILO
ISBN: 978-92-2-131647-3
pp. 189



Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis 2017–2018 Public Health Situation Analysis.
The report provides an updated technical overview of the major public health needs and threats faced by Rohingya refugees who have fled violence in Myanmar since 25 August 2017. As of 10 May 2018, an estimated 693 000 Rohingya people have crossed from Myanmar into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since August 2017, joining approximately 212 000 others who had fled in earlier waves of displacement. The living conditions of the refugee population remain extremely vulnerable. These are explained by many factors including the clustering of populations in hastily constructed settlements clinging to steep, rapidly deforested hillside.
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Publisher: WHO



Saving lives, spending less: a strategic response to NCDs.
The report, reveals, for the first time, the financing needs and returns on investment of WHO’s cost-effective and feasible “best buy” policies to protect people from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), the world’s leading causes of ill health and death. It shows that for every US$1 invested in scaling up actions to address NCDs in low- and lower-middle-income countries (LLMICs), there will be a return to society of at least US$7 in increased employment, productivity and longer life.
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Publisher: WHO



Implementation of the HIV Prevention 2020 Road Map – First progress report, March 2018.
Preventing new HIV infections is central to ending the AIDS epidemic. This first progress report shows that members of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition have mobilized around strengthening HIV primary prevention. There are clear signs of renewed political commitment and strengthened institutional arrangements. Many challenges remain, however, as we need to move beyond political commitment to changing policies and systematic programme implementation. This report indicates that more work needs to be done to complete prevention target-setting; to develop or update HIV prevention guidance and service packages, especially for key populations and adolescent girls and young women; to address important policy and human rights barriers to effective prevention; and to define and close financing gaps and capacity gaps in many countries.

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Publisher: UNAIDS, UNFPA



A Study of Statelessness in South Sudan 2017.
The purpose of this study is to collect and analyse current and reliable data on the present situation in South Sudan. The risk of statelessness in South Sudan is perpetuated by a variety of legislative, administrative, procedural and contextual factors. UNHCR commissioned this comprehensive study to support its efforts to ensure access to South Sudanese nationality documentation by persons of South Sudanese origin at risk of statelessness.
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Publisher: UNHCR



Food Security in Vulnerable Islands – A Regional Food Security Atlas of the Pacific, May 2018.
The Pacific is prone to natural disasters. To be able to respond quickly and effectively after the occurrence of a disaster, accurate and up to date data is essential. The 2018 Atlas provides a spatial overview of the core issues that affect food security across the Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Divided into nine topical sections, the Atlas provides the reader with information and knowledge on the causes and outcomes of food security and nutrition in the region.
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Publisher: WFP