Statement Attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on South Sudan – 26 August 2015

The Secretary-General welcomes the signature today by President Salva Kiir of the Agreement on the resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. This is a critical and necessary step towards ending the 20 month-long conflict that has devastated South Sudan and subjected its people to unspeakable suffering.

The Secretary-General commends the IGAD-led mediation for its tireless efforts to bring the peace talks to a successful conclusion. He is heartened by the unity of purpose that regional leaders have displayed in seeking an end to this tragic conflict. Their continued positive engagement remains essential to the achievement of lasting peace in South Sudan.

Now is the time to ensure that this agreement translates into an end to the violence, hardship and horrific human rights violations witnessed throughout this conflict.  The United Nations stands ready to support the Parties in the implementation of this Agreement, in close cooperation with IGAD, the AU and international partners.  He urges the Parties to work in good faith to implement its provisions, beginning with a permanent cease-fire and the granting of unhindered freedom of movement to UNMISS and to humanitarian actors working to reach people in need of urgent assistance.

The Secretary-General recognises that the road ahead will be difficult. He looks forward to the participation of South Sudan’s regional and international partners in the High-Level meeting he intends to convene in the margins of the upcoming General Assembly to ensure sustained support for the restoration of peace and security for the afflicted people of South Sudan.

New York, 26 August 2015