Media Advisory: Calling professional and amateur journalists to join the Lorenzo Natali Media Contest

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Professional and amateur journalists, including bloggers–working online, on print, radio, TV and blogs–are invited to submit their work for the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize, by 31 August 2015. Winners will be awarded in Brussels in December 2015 and will receive a cash prize of 5000 euros, or over a quarter of a million pesos.

The Prize rewards outstanding contributions by journalists who report on development and eradication of poverty.
The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize will be awarded to one amateur and one professional journalist from the following five regions: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Asia and the Pacific.

An independent Grand Jury will also consider all the regional winners for the additional €5,000 Grand Prize. The winners will be revealed and honoured at an award ceremony in Brussels in December 2015.

Read about the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize:

To apply and to submit your work, go to: