Why we need to celebrate World Humanitarian Day

On World Humanitarian Day, we call for a more humane world and seek to inspire action from people all over the world to bring this about.

  • In today’s volatile world, more than 100 million people in countries across the world need urgent life-saving humanitarian aid as they face the impact of natural disasters, conflict, displacement, hunger or disease.
  • We recognize that each one of us can make a difference in the lives of others; and each one of us has the power to inspire our fellow human beings to take action to create a more humane world.
  • We celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world and pay tribute to all the heroic aid workers who have given their lives helping the world’s most vulnerable people.
  • But the world is becoming an ever more volatile place and the scale of humanitarian crises is more acute than ever before – humanitarian needs are outstripping our capacity to respond.
  • We cannot and must not turn our backs on the world’s most vulnerable people, nor tacitly accept their suffering as inevitable.
  • Every day brings reminders of the urgent need to realize a greater sense of responsibility to each other and develop a greater sense of global citizenship where we act to support those most in need.
  • In a more humane world, every woman, man and child struggling to survive humanitarian emergency would receive the assistance and protection they need.
  • In an age that is more digitally connected than ever before, we can seize a new opportunity to act together as global citizens for a more humane world.
  • The opportunities for communication and collaboration across continents and cultures give us all new ways to act together to make the world a better place.
  • This year’s campaign aims to inspire people all around the world to get involved in creating a more humane world by sharing the stories of the people affected by humanitarian crises, sharing their dignity, strength and humanity to inspire us all.
  • Using the hashtag #ShareHumanity, WHD 2015 will launch a global digital campaign in which celebrities, influential individuals and the public donate their social media feeds in order to reach out globally with the real human stories that are behind today’s headlines.
  • This WHD campaign will use first-person narratives to evoke empathy in others, raise awareness of human suffering and resilience, and help prime audiences into action leading up to the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul in May 2016
  • The WHS is a call to action by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to reduce human loss and suffering from crises. The Summit will be a global rallying cry for humanity where global leaders from government, business and communities will commit to global action to save more lives and search for solutions to the enormous humanitarian challenges of today and the next generation.