New UN Publications: April 2015


Please find below list of new electronic  books published by the United Nations for the month of April 2015 . You may download the books by clicking the title link.

“On Track: Achieving Results and Exceeding Expectations”
FAO’s work is driven by five cross-cutting strategic objectives that are closely aligned with the most relevant and urgent development problems faced by member countries and the development community.

Achieving Results and Exceeding Expectations

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Publisher: FAO
pp: 16

“Towards a water and food secure future: Critical Perspectives for Policy-makers”
In 2050 there will be enough water to help produce the food needed to feed a global population expected to top nine billion, but overconsumption, degradation and the impact of climate change will reduce water supplies in many regions, especially developing countries. The Paper calls for government policies and investments by the public and private sectors to ensure that crops, livestock and fish are sustainably produced in ways also aimed at safeguarding water resources.

Towards a water and food secure future 
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Publisher: FAO
pp: 76

“2015 WHO Humanitarian Response: Summary of health priorities and WHO projects in interagency strategic response plans for humanitarian assistance to protracted emergencies”
This document provides an overview of health priorities and WHO projects in the strategic response plans that have been developed to meet humanitarian needs in protracted emergencies in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Myanmar, occupied Palestinian territory, the Sahel region (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and The Gambia) Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine and Yemen in 2015.

It also includes support to refugees from the Central African Republic, South Sudan and the Syrian Arab Republic who have fled to neighboring countries. The Central African Republic refugees in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo; South Sudan refugees in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda; and the Syrian Arab Republic refugees in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.

 2015 WHO Humanitarian Response
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Publisher: WHO
pp: 39

“The Kurdistan Region of Iraq : Assessing the Economic and Social Impact of the Syrian Conflict and ISIS”
This book provides national and regional policy makers with a technical assessment of the impact and stabilization costs needed for 2015 associated with the influx of refugees and IDPs. The stabilization cost for 2015 is estimated at US$1.4 billion in additional spending above and beyond the region’s budget. This estimate could significantly increase should the crisis persist longer.

 The Kurdistan Region of Iraq
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Publisher: WorldBank
ISBN: 978 1 4648 0548 6
pp:  176

“Community-based antiretroviral therapy delivery: experiences from MSF”
Strengthening and expanding community-based approaches to delivering HIV treatment is vital to the long-term success of the AIDS response. The report highlights MSF’s innovative approaches to the critical challenge of how to scale up treatment to ensure that people living with HIV have access to antiretroviral therapy through ways that fit in with their daily lives.

 Community-based antiretroviral therapy delivery
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Publisher: UNAIDS /MSF
pp:  20

“The risk of disaster-induced displacement in South Asia”
This technical paper represents an initial attempt to assess the risk of disaster-induced displacement in eight countries in South Asia – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  It presents results from the fifth of five analyses of disaster-related displacement risk,  each of which corresponds with a regional consultation of the Nansen Initiative.

 The risk of disaster-induced displacement in South Asia
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Publisher: UNHCR
pp: 50

“Progress on the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights”
A major report from UN Women, released in seven locations globally, brings together human rights and economic policymaking to call for far-reaching changes to the global policy agenda that will transform economies and make women’s rights, and equality, a reality. It takes an in-depth look at what the economy would look like if it truly worked for women, for the benefit of all.

 Progress on the World's Women 2015-2016
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Publisher: UN Women
ISBN: 978-1-63214-015-9
pp: 337

“Global evidence on inequities in rural health protection: New data on rural deficits in health coverage for 174 countries”
A new ILO report shows that 56 per cent of people living in rural areas worldwide do not have access to essential health-care services – more than double the figure in urban areas, where 22 per cent are not covered.  The report reveals major health access disparities between rural and urban areas around the globe, particularly in developing countries.

 Global evidence on inequities in rural health protection
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Publisher: ILO
pp: 83

“Worldwide country situation analysis: response to antimicrobial resistance”
The  report presents the overall findings of the survey. The report provides an analysis, by region and globally, of the initiatives under way to address antimicrobial resistance and identifies areas in which more work is needed. A summary of the report is also available.

 Worldwide country situation analysis

Bibliographic info:
Publisher: WHO
ISBN: 978 92 4 156494 6
pp: 42