New UN Publications: February 2017

Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work.
This report considers the impact of telework/ICT-mobile work on the world of work. It synthesises research carried out by Eurofound’s network of European correspondents and ILO country experts. The incidence of T/ICTM is related not only to technological developments in different countries but also to existing economic structures and cultures of work. The report also classifies T/ICTM employees in relation to their place of work (home, office or another location) and the intensity and frequency of their work using ICT outside the employer’s premises.

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Publisher: ILO, Eurofound
ISBN: 978-92-2-130472-2
pp. 72

20 Years to Better Protect Children Affected by Conflict.
In December 1996, four months after the publication of Graca Machel’s ground breaking report, “Impact of armed conflict on children, “the General Assembly adopted resolution 51/77, recommending the appointment of a Special Representative for children and armed conflict, who would report back to the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council annually. This was a recognition by the General Assembly that the way we treat children today will have a huge impact on the peace and development of our societies of tomorrow. Since then, the mandate has been renewed by the General Assembly every three years and the Secretary-General has named three Special Representatives: Olara Otunnu, Radhika Coomaraswamy and Leila Zerrougui. Over the past 20 years, the coordinated action generated by the mandate, with strong support also from the Security Council, has led to important progress for millions of boys and girls growing up in countries affected by war. Since 2000, more than 115,000 child soldiers have been released as a result of dialogue and Action Plans.
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Publisher: OSRSG
pp. 44

The Journey of Universal Access to Antiretroviral Treatment in Thailand.
Today, Thailand’s universal health coverage (UHC) is a role model for many countries that are pursuing UHC as part of efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This publication discusses the background and principles of the UHC policy in that aims to ensure that all Thai citizens would be covered with health insurance that guarantees them a comprehensive package of standard health services, as well as to reduce the gaps in access to medical treatment due to financial hardship among the poor and marginalized populations.
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Publisher: UNDP

Regional Gender Strategy and Action Plan 2017–2019 for Asia and the Pacific.
Women make important contributions to agriculture and rural livelihoods and play a vital role in the care and reproduction of households and communities. FAO further recognizes rural women as agents of change whose engagement is necessary to meet the other SDGs. This Strategy aims to provide focus for the FAO gender-related work in Asia and the Pacific and identify delivery mechanisms for the period 2017–2019. It encompasses work at both the regional, and country level because the agricultural, socioeconomic, and gender contexts in the Asia-Pacific Region are so diverse. It maps out areas of common focus to which many countries in the region can contribute.
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Publisher: FAO
ISBN: 978-92-5-109612-3
pp. 20

Inequalities and the World of Work: What Role for Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue?.
A key focus of international debate in recent times has been increased income inequalities and their adverse effects both socially and economically. The report looks beyond wage inequalities and also analyses other forms of inequality, such as inequality in working time, as well as access to jobs, training, career opportunities and social protection.
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Publisher: ILO